National Inclusion Week 2022

This week marks National Inclusion Week, an important date in all our calendars where we raise awareness and open up the conversation about inclusion to ensure accessibility for all. Read more

Office closure for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

On the day of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, Monday 19 September, Migrant Help’s offices will be closed. Read more

Statement regarding Suella Braverman's appointment as Home Secretary

On Suella Braverman’s appointment as Home Secretary, Caroline O’Connor, CEO at Migrant Help has commented. Read more

Afghan outreach

Are you an Afghan citizen who was evacuated by the Government to the UK on or after 14 August 2021? If so, you, YES, you and your dependants may be eligible to live permanently in the UK. Read more

Afghanistan Anniversary

This August marks a year since the escalation of the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan due to the occupation by the Taliban. This crisis meant that many Afghan nationals were facing horrific threats to their lives and safety resulting in an increase in the number of people who were in search of sanctuary. Read more

Setting the record straight: Migrant Help in the media

Inevitably, from time to time, an article appears criticising Migrant Help and its work. The pieces are often littered with wilful mischaracterisations and mistruths about how our charity is run and the work we do to assist thousands of vulnerable people each year who are facing very difficult circumstances. Read more


Safeguarding is an integral part of the work Migrant Help does through all of its services. And as such we commissioned a full external Safeguarding Audit in 2021. Read more

Schools for children in asylum accommodation

Take a look at Sameera Hussain's hard work in helping provide children in initial accommodation and hotels the access to education, a commendable achievement that has changed the lives of so many. Truly a feat that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Read more

Modern slavery: what exactly is it?

Despite common belief, far from being ‘abolished’ in the nineteenth century, slavery has never truly gone away. Read more

Birds and Borders

Birds are, by their nature, internationalists; along with us, they are among the few inhabitants of the planet with the means to migrate great distances when their survival is threatened. Read more