We are delighted to share our strategy for the next three years. It has been developed to reflect the needs of our clients and to enable us to address those needs in the best way possible. 

We looked at the areas we work in, at our own performance and the things holding us back. We saw a changing landscape where displacement is on the rise and the need for services is high.

We combined these findings with our values (protection, diversity, equality, partnership, innovation and excellence) and our reason for existence (to support people who are impacted by displacement and exploitation to thrive as individuals) to find the areas where we were best equipped to make impact.

Our strategic objectives for the next three years are:

Supporting people most in need and least likely to receive support elsewhere

This means we will provide a holistic and individualised approach to our clients, improving their experience of our services, extending our services to ‘hard to reach’ client groups and being more responsive to our clients’ needs.

Working with communities to bridge gaps and co-ordinate services

This objective is about creating enduring relationships with our clients beyond the short term, in a way that ensures their success in the long term. We will be proactively working with communities and other service providers, through solid partnerships, to bridge gaps in services that would benefit our clients.

Demonstrating the value that migrants bring to the UK

We are keen to share our clients’ stories, engaging with the public in new and exciting ways in order to effectively communicate the value of our clients to communities. We’ll be aiming to understand and influence the perception the public has of our clients to improve our clients’ experiences, ensuring they feel safe and welcomed in the communities that they live.

Influencing positive change to policy and practice

We want to be a strategic partner to government who can positively influence policy. As such, we will be striving to help shape best practice and be a trusted source of information. In so doing, we will be maximising efficiencies to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Developing our staff and volunteers to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients

We want Migrant Help to be recognised and acknowledged as ‘A Great Place to Work’, where all staff know the direction of our organisation, have the opportunity to contribute and are able to maintain a healthy work/life balance. We are determined that our staff should feel confident, supported and developed to do their best for our clients.

What our new strategy means for clients is that they become key partners who validate what we do and how we do it, and their diverse needs are met.

For partners, this means increased collaboration and projects that complement their work.

For our staff, it’s pride in our work and applying our expertise to support those most in need.

It’s possible for everyone to take part in our strategy, whether partner, member of the public, client or staff member; this journey is best travelled together.

What to know more? Read our full strategy here