Migrant Help's vision

Our vision is for a global society that protects victims of exploitation and displacement, treats them with respect and enables them to thrive as individuals. 

How we deliver this vision

We support those most in need and least likely to find support elsewhere, whilst aiming to bridge community gaps and bring services and support together.

We offer support to those seeking asylum in the UK with their accommodation and financial support.

We provide specialist support, safe accommodation and support plans, as well as facilitate access to key services, for victims of human trafficking and modern slavery.

We promote the social values of equality, diversity, inclusiveness and empathy, enabling our clients to become part of their local communities.

We inform governments and policy makers to ensure fair and consistent processes are in place to assist victim of displacement and exploitation in the UK.


Protection: We believe everyone deserves to feel safe and have their human rights protected.

Diversity: We respect and celebrate everyone’s individual experience and ensure inclusion is at the heart of our work.

Equality: We believe in fairness and equality of opportunity. This is central to everything we do.

Partnership: We are committed to working in partnership and with all those who help us achieve our vision.

Innovation: We are committed to embracing new ways of working that deliver ever more effective services.

Excellence: We are dedicated to providing the best quality services and achieving the highest standard of client care.

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