We are happy to introduce our brand new webchat, adding another way of contacting our advisers.

The webchat is accessible via our Service User Portal, where asylum seekers can find information and advice, complete forms and applications for support and check on the progress of their applications. 

This is how you can access the webchat. 

  1. Webchat is available via the Service User Portal which can be accessed from the home page of our website. 

Alternatively, the Service User Portal can be accessed directly on www.migranthelpuk.org/su-portal or via the Asylum section of Migrant Help’s website - https://www.migranthelpuk.org/Pages/Category/asylum.

The webchat is currently available in English, we are working on introducing further languages in due course.

  1. To access webchat, click on the “Contact Us” drop-down to the upper right of the Service User Portal page:



  1. Downloadable forms are available via the Service User portal or on https://ellis.custhelp.com/app/answers/list/c/639. Any downloaded and completed self-serve forms should be sent to [email protected].



  1. My portal - online forms are accessible via My Portal or https://ellis.custhelp.com/app/utils/login_form. Service users can access their account here but will first need to register for a log-in via 0808 8010 503. Email address is needed to create an account.


Once logged on, service users will be able to submit applications, inform the Home Office of a change of circumstances, report issues, as well as check on the progress of their applications. If you are assisting an asylum seeker via the Service User Portal, we ask that you always ask them to log in.

You can download this guide here