Why do we need a Black History Month?

October is Black History Month. I hope that you have seen this celebrated more than ever before. I think that this increased profile is welcome and critical to change the dialogue. Read more

Harriet Tubman: the woman who led hundreds of slaves to freedom

Harriet Tubman was held as a slave, captive and bound to unpaid, back-breaking labour since birth. Read more

What is Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery?

Human trafficking is the modern-day form of slavery. It is the illegal trade of human beings: children, women and men from across the world are held, transported, bought, sold and forced into activity against their will. Read more

How can victims of slavery be identified?

'Hidden in plain sight’ is a term that describes human trafficking and slavery well – it is a crime which is all around us and often right in front of us, but one that is famously hard to identify. Read more

The hate that they are forced to bear

Unfortunately, and though to most people thoroughly incomprehensible and inexcusable, hate crime is something which many refugees and asylum seekers in the UK are forced to bear. Read more

Why have dreams?

Great achievements come from great dreams, from imagining beyond the certainty... Read more

The dreams that drive us: why refugees and asylum seekers leave home

It would be wrong to think that the people seeking asylum are here simply because they want a better life... that's not the whole truth. Read more

How Not To Drown

An 11-year old boy, sent alone across Europe to find a home in the UK, Kosovan refugee Dritan Kastrati tells his own story of his journey and his time in the UK care system. Read more

Dreams change

In what seems like an instant, your life will never be the same again. Your dreams are now ensuring your family is protected... Read more

An update on our commissioning framework

We are excited to confirm that we have five organisations signed up and currently working on our commissioning framework. Read more