Safeguarding is an integral part of the work Migrant Help does through all of its services. And as such we commissioned a full external Safeguarding Audit in 2021. Read more

Schools for children in asylum accommodation

Take a look at Sameera Hussain's hard work in helping provide children in initial accommodation and hotels the access to education, a commendable achievement that has changed the lives of so many. Truly a feat that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Read more

Modern slavery: what exactly is it?

Despite common belief, far from being ‘abolished’ in the nineteenth century, slavery has never truly gone away. Read more

Birds and Borders

Birds are, by their nature, internationalists; along with us, they are among the few inhabitants of the planet with the means to migrate great distances when their survival is threatened. Read more

It’s #TimeToListen to survivors when developing services

Survivors’ voices are crucial to organisations in helping us offer better support services. After all, no one will be better at telling us what they need, or expect from us, than our clients. Read more

How will the Nationality and Borders Bill affect survivors of slavery?

With 40 million slaves worldwide, and as many as 13,000 in the UK alone, the impact of this bill will affect many vulnerable people across the UK. Read more

We cannot walk alone

If there is inequality that is not directed at us, does it affect us?  If there is pain and suffering that we don’t personally have to encounter, does this affect us?  If people are forced to flee their homes but we are safe in ours, does that affect us? Read more

CEO letter - New Aspen card roll out

I wanted to write to you during these difficult times for our clients to give you some insight into our efforts to support and assist asylum seekers during the roll-out of the new payment cards. Read more

New Aspen card roll out

As a result of the roll out of the new Aspen cards, our helpline has been extremely busy and we sincerely apologise to everyone who is having difficulties in contacting us. Read more

Our response to the New Plan for Immigration

Migrant Help strongly opposes the proposals set out in the New Plan for Immigration. We are very concerned that the proposals are unworkable and will serve to create increased trauma for asylum seekers. Read more