Former unaccompanied Bosnian child refugee and founder of SocialBox.Biz Peter Paduh is calling on UK businesses and organisations to donate their old and unwanted equipment.

SocialBox.Biz is an innovative UK-based social enterprise that takes unwanted computers, repurposing them for those in need. SocialBox.Biz’s mission is to improve the lives of refugees by providing them with access to upgraded laptops, with open source software.

By donating old and unused devices, organisations help provide access to technology, and communication to those who most need it. SocialBox.Biz has been providing rehomed laptops and other devices to organisations and individuals who work with refugees, the homeless and older people who cannot afford computers.

Since 2014 SocialBox.Biz has repurposed thousands of machines and hopes to reach up to a thousand per month in the near future.

We are the only Community Interest Company re-homing old but usable tech from companies, universities, and other large organisations and placing them in the hands of the disadvantaged in local UK communities in this way. We provide on-site data removal service and load the technology with open-source software, solving common problems for IT teams and social impact problems for our clients. We’ve done a lot, but we will do a lot more with the help of more partners.

SocialBox.Biz Social Impact spokesperson, Carolyn Williams.

My life changed when I was donated an old computer to support my education and transition into British society. A simple laptop opened up a whole new world for me, one where I could integrate into society by applying for jobs, and researching people and places to help me reach my goals.

SocialBoxBiz’s founder and Chairman, Peter Paduh.