We invite you to imagine the experience of having to leave your home at a moment's notice, just as the protagonist of our poignant new film 'Leaving. Read more

Bahisa's story: ‘Organisations like Migrant Help aren't just doing good; they're saving lives’

I'm 25 years old, originally from Lahore, Pakistan. My childhood was challenging as my parents split when I was young, making home life a bit of a struggle. Read more

Julian’s story: ‘I want to empower young people with better financial management’

I had to leave my country because I suspected something related to drugs was happening in my previous job. I decided to leave because I was in fear as these people can be dangerous. Read more

Ahmed's story: "It's an extremely difficult journey"

The journey is seriously life-threatening and the person who takes it has to gamble with his or her life. Read more

Christopher’s story

If there’s one thing I’d want people to take from my story it would be: don’t give up. Just keep going. Read more

Sherwan, former Migrant Help client now a successful businessman

It took nine years for me to be granted refugee status. My wife and I applied for UK citizenship at the same time. We had our ceremonies together, and we were so happy. Read more

Viera Howsam, former volunteer and Migrant Help employee

Being involved with Migrant Helpline made me a better person. I loved seeing former clients making a success of their lives. I can’t imagine my life now without this mixture of people. Read more

Annie Ledger, former Migrant Help CEO

We also got involved with helping trafficking survivors, hearing heartrending stories of exploitation, and how people had found the courage to escape. Read more