We invite you to imagine the experience of having to leave your home at a moment's notice, just as the protagonist of our poignant new film 'Leaving'. 

The films shines a light on the harrowing reality of forced displacement - something that 120 million people suffered in the past year.

We were delighted to partner with British-Somali poet and former Young London Poet Laureate, Momtaza Mehri, who crafted the powerful words, narrated beautifully by actress Adjoa Andoh. 

Refugee Week is an important opportunity to pause and reflect on the people displaced around the world; those whose very reality mirrors the family in our film, having to suddenly leave their home behind in a matter of minutes, often to never return. 

We hope the film will prompt the UK public to remember there are real people behind the many statistics and headlines surrounding refugees, with stories, hopes and dreams just like ours. 

No-one chooses where they are born, or the struggles or conflict they are born into. No-one chooses to be a refugee. They deserve hope and understanding from us all.