With his safety being threatened, Ahmed left Tanzania in early 2023 and found himself victim to trafficking upon arrival in the UK. After enduring a challenging period of working in poor conditions, he managed to escape and was put in touch with Migrant Help where he was supported by adviser Isobel.

When he first arrived in Scotland, Ahmed was apprehensive about starting his new life in the UK. “The first couple of months I was very scared… I made a friend who spoke my language [Swahili] but we weren’t familiar with the area and people would laugh at us”.

With Isobel’s support, Ahmed has recently been housed in a dispersal flat and together, they successfully filled out a college application which has resulted in Ahmed starting a Level 4 diploma in Health and Social Care. After college, Ahmed dreams of becoming a mental health nurse to help people struggling with mental health issues.

Upon arriving in Glasgow, Isobel said that Ahmed was “nervous, isolated and scared to leave the hotel”. Within a month of first meeting each other, Isobel arranged for Ahmed to start volunteering, which he continues to do – currently with the Central and West Integration Network (CWIN), an organisation that supports people seeking asylum, refugees, migrant workers and black and minority ethnic people to access resources that improve their standard of living. Working around his college hours, Ahmed dedicates Fridays to volunteering, serving food to those in the community who need it the most.