Alfred left Ghana in pursuit of a job opportunity that he thought would provide him with an improved quality of life. However, upon reaching Northern Ireland, he discovered that he had fallen victim to human trafficking. He was compelled to work on a boat for 21 hours a day under deplorable conditions, enduring inhumane treatment.

Following his escape from this exploitation, Alfred met his adviser, Bybit, for the first time in January 2022. With her assistance, he successfully secured wrap around support, and began to rebuild his stolen life. He has since secured agency work, and recently obtained a permanent position as a warehouse operative.

Alfred, a passionate football enthusiast who takes pleasure in both playing and watching his favourite team, Chelsea, was introduced to The Street Soccer Project by Bybit. This organisation is dedicated to supporting disadvantaged groups in society. Since becoming a part of the project, Alfred has become an instrumental part of the team, scoring four out of five goals in a recent match.

Recently, he had the opportunity to visit Sacramento for the first time to take part in the Homeless World Cup 2023. His team placed eighth out of twenty eight teams. Additionally, his team also achieved an impressive second place out of 16 in a tournament held in Glasgow, with Alfred playing a pivotal role as the striker. Engaging with this group has not only enhanced his soccer skills but has also been a vital source of support for his mental health and overall wellbeing.

In their initial meetings, Alfred relied on an interpreter to facilitate communication between them. However, he has made such remarkable progress that he no longer needs this help, and is able to communicate effectively on his own.