My name is Julian, I am from Brazil and have now been in the UK for five years. 

I had to leave my country because I suspected something related to drugs was happening in my previous job. I decided to leave because I was in fear as these people can be dangerous.  

I visited the police station seeking asylum after going to the Home Office in Croydon. They redirected me to Westminster and then back to Croydon, leaving me with very little useful information. Eventually, they provided me with the phone number for Migrant Help.     

The Home Office arranged for me to stay at a hotel, where I had a positive experience. I often helped around the hotel, cleaning tables after dinner and waking up early to tidy up in the morning.    

Unfortunately, during this period, I started suspecting I might have schizophrenia, considering its genetic link with my father.  I initially went to the hospital, but no one seemed to understand what was happening to me entirely. Soon, I started hearing voices, which alarmed me. After these events, I went again to the NHS, and they really helped me. I began my treatment. It took some time, but I'm now in a better place, without hearing any voices and feeling better mentally.   

Currently, I'm in Gloucestershire, and I am happy here, staying in a hotel where I am fed well. It’s quite a distance from the city, but it is a good place, with a small community of just 39 people.     

While I'm currently seeking asylum, I have plenty of time to think about my future. Back in Brazil, I was a chef, I was also a trained graphic designer, and I studied business admin in Brazil.    

There are many opportunities ahead, and one idea I've been eager to pursue began three years ago when I discovered that my true passion was finance. I envisioned creating an app to assist young people in managing their finances and guiding them into business. Now, during the waiting period for my decision, I have the perfect chance to develop this app.    

I'm genuinely passionate about this project. I aspire to establish a partnership, preferably with a business school, to guide young individuals on how to invest their money wisely in the business world. My goal is to help them gain valuable skills and knowledge. I want to empower young people with better financial management.  

I wish people could recognise that life is challenging anywhere, no matter where you are. The key is resilience—never surrender, and never, ever give up.  

I also want to acknowledge that England is trying to assist us in the best way possible.