Barnardo’s Boloh Helpline was established in October 2020 and provides advice, signposting, emotional support, and free therapy to adult asylum seekers UK wide. The helpline has recently announced the expansion of their service to support the mental health and wellbeing of adult seeking asylum across the UK. This project is funded by the Home Office from September 2022 until 31st January 2025.

What the Boloh Helpline offers

In Urdu and Hindi, the word Boloh means “to speak” or “to talk”. By enabling people to share their experiences – to talk – the Boloh Helpline helps them receive the support and advice they need. The helpline will offer advice, signposting, emotional support and 8 free sessions of therapy by qualified Barnardo’s therapists. These sessions can take place remotely via telephone or online. Barnardo’s has a long history of providing mental health support to children, young people and adults and has a large pool of culturally informed therapists who speak a range of languages. Sessions can take place in your own language at a time that works for you. 

Helpline Advisors can also offer practical support such as food vouchers and access to digital devices. They are continuing our partnership with Vodafone to ensure that people seeing asylum can access support by providing digital devices. 

You will be allocated a dedicated Advisor who will work with you over a series of calls to ensure that you have someone to talk to, and access to all the support that you need. 

To learn more, make a referral or access resources in another language, head to the website here.