Juliet joined Migrant Help in June 2020 as Deputy Director of Asylum Services. In her role she is responsible for the Asylum Services regional operations, working closely with the Heads of Service – Samantha and Tesfay, to deliver a strong, consistent and collaborative approach in all nine regional offices. Juliet is also responsible for our Specialised Services team which includes our National Outreach service, Positive Move-On services and our Commissioning Framework

Juliet and her team work in partnership with the accommodation providers, health teams and the voluntary and community sector, with the ultimate aim of delivering the best possible outcomes to our clients, whilst also delivering a contractual, compliant and efficient service.

Juliet has over 20 years of experience from the asylum accommodation sector, including her most recent role as the Head of Partnerships at Mears. During her time within the asylum accommodation, she has built strong relationships with both the voluntary and community sector and the Home Office.