Sam completed a BA Hons Degree in European Studies (including French and German) at the University of Reading in 2010 and started her employment at Migrant Help in May 2011 as the first Victims of Slavery Support Service Administrator, covering all administrative requirements for both England and Northern Ireland Services. She also had involvement in the Foreign National Prisoner and European Advice services, providing administrative support to Advisers. Sam wished to learn more about the advice work within the modern slavery services and thus took on a small caseload, providing advice and support to those under the TSA subcontract. Subsequently, Sam has moved into leadership roles including as Senior Adviser, Regional Operations Manager – Modern Slavery and Resettlement Services and now within the Modern Slavery Victim Care Service as Head of Service.

Sam also completed a Masters in Intercultural Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the Refugee Therapy Centre, London in affiliation with the University of East London in 2015, giving her relevant insight into the core leadership skills required to support the mental health of staff from a diverse range of backgrounds and the importance of using the trauma-informed approach within an intercultural setting with one of the most vulnerable service groups in the UK.