They came to the UK dreaming of a better and safer life, but the reality was very different: under threat they were forced into prostitution, forced labour and domestic servitude. 

Did you know there are more slaves now than there have been at any point in history? Slavery is very much a present issue, and one that many refugees have had to face.

Meet our incredible survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking. They came to the UK dreaming of a better and safer life, but their reality was terrifyingly different. Their dreams were not considered important by their captors, but we believe everyone's dreams are of equal importance. 

For Refugee Week, we are offering you the opportunity to walk in their shoes. Discover and share in the survivors' stories, their dreams when they came to this country, and the new dreams they are building now as they leave their pasts behind. 

This exhibition will be available from 18 June, accessible from this page or directly from our Facebook page. Check back to take the tour and join us in our dream for a world without slavery and trafficking. 

"Even at my loneliest I always had hope. Hope is a very powerful thing..."


This exhibition is educational and suitable for children of secondary school age and above. For younger children, we would recommend that you have a look at the exhibition yourself before deciding whether it is appropriate for them.