Join us this Refugee Week by sharing your dreams as part of our creative call!

Using our 'My Dreams' PDF worksheet as your canvas, we invite you to get creative in sharing your dreams with the world. 

We want to celebrate and mark the importance of dreams this Refugee Week, so whether it's a poem, piece of art, musing, quote or something else entirely, we want to hear from you!

Once you have created your piece, we invite you send it in to us so that we can share the dreams of our clients and supporters, from all their different perspectives, online and build a huge collective work of 'dreaminess'! 

To be involved, take a photo of your work and send it to [email protected]

Alternatively you could share it on social media, tag us and use the hastag #IHaveDreams


We welcome dreams from everyone - children, adults, refugees, asylum seekers and the general public. All our dreams matter and deserve to be heard.