In lieu of that email address, the following inboxes will deal with incoming queries: 
[email protected] For applications, supporting documents, support termination requests and further information responses relating to S95 applications.
[email protected] For s4 applications, schedule 10 applications, supporting documents, support termination requests, further information responses and S4 booking forms relating to S4 applications.
[email protected] For change of circumstance applications, supporting documents, further information relating to change of circumstances.
[email protected] For completed consent forms.
[email protected] To request proof of support from the Home Office.
[email protected]

To request a copy of an asylum support decision letter from the Home Office

[email protected] To request urgent assistance from Migrant Helps outreach team for service users who have additional needs, are at risk or you feel are unable to use our helpline, webchat or raise an issue.
[email protected] To escalate an issue with our positive move on service. This route can also be used to request reinstatement for BRP / Discontinuation letters not received following a positive decision on the service users asylum case.
[email protected]

Can be used by Third Parties to escalate Advice and Guidance / Eligibility enquires and also to raise any safeguarding concerns.

To raise an issue surrounding issue reporting, the fastest route is to raise via Raise an Issue, Helpline or Webchat.

Webchat and Raise an Issue can be used in place of calling our helpline for issue reporting queries which cover maintenance, requests for assistance from the accommodation provider, problems with payments, lost Aspen cards, complaints and providing feedback.

You do not need to register to use our Webchat or Raise an Issue.

Our helpline is free to call and available 24 hours a day on 0808 8010 503. This can be used for all queries relating to our Asylum Services.

If your query relates to another matter please check GOV.UK for guidance.