On Tuesday, at least four lives were lost in an attempt to cross the channel. They included two children, a five-year old and an eight-year old.


As I read about this latest tragedy, I thought about the desperation that their parents were facing.

I look at my granddaughters and my nieces and nephews. I would, without hesitation, lay down my life for them. I would do everything I could to try and keep them safe from harm.

I know that the parents of these poor lost children would have felt the same.


They would have made the impossible choice to take their children from their homes, families and friends and made the difficult and perilous journeys across hundreds of miles to reach the English Channel. They would have almost certainly paid huge sums of money to people smugglers for assistance along the way, leaving them with little money and potentially huge debt.

And with their precious children, they tried to make this last crossing. I can’t imagine the terror they felt.


And I know that in the comments section of the news articles, a small minority are celebrating. That on social media, jokes are being shared.

That some are calculating how this terrible thing can be turned to their benefit.


So today, we will mourn these children. And then, I ask that we redouble our efforts to take a stand against intolerance and hatred. 

We will keep making a difference; we will make life better for those who are coming to our shores.

- Caroline O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer