Published 28 April 2022

We are disappointed to hear about the passage of the Government’s Nationality and Borders Bill through Parliament yesterday – a bill that will create a two-tier system that penalises people for arriving to the UK via irregular means and allow indefinite detention, pushbacks at sea and offshore processing.

The UK has a proud history of welcoming refugees, and in spite of the passage of this bill, that spirit is still very much evident today. Over the course of the last several months, we have been inspired by the compassion and support of the British people for those in need of safety. Over 200,000 people registered to take those fleeing the war in Ukraine into their own homes, and 62% believe the UK should welcome refugees fleeing war or persecution from across the world.

Rather than penalising those who make the arduous journey to our shores in search of safety, we agree with the British public in the need for more safe routes for those fleeing war and persecution.