As of 4 January 2021, Migrant Help will deliver its support to victims of human trafficking and modern slavery as a subcontractor to The Salvation Army under the new Modern Slavery Victims Care (MSVC) contract.

Migrant Help's service will cover the South East of England and East Anglia under the new contract and bring an expansion to our safe accommodation provision and increase in our outreach capacity. We will also be providing extended move on support via the new ‘Reach In’ component of the contract. These changes mean that we will be able to provide more qualitative and enhanced services to benefit our clients.

This client leaflet explains the support available under the new contract.

We look forward to working with The Salvation Army and other subcontractors under this new model. This is an exciting opportunity for Migrant Help to continue, and expand on, our work and the journey towards ending slavery in our society.