A community secondary school flattened by an earthquake in Nepal is now thriving thanks to Migrant Help staff supporting fundraising efforts and a significant donation from Clear Voice. 

In 2015, a devastating earthquake damaged over 6,000 schools in Nepal. Chundevi Madhyamik Vinhyalaya, a remote community run secondary school in Chunikhel village in the Kathmandu Valley, was flattened by the earthquake, leaving over 650 students with nowhere to continue their education. Over ninety per cent of buildings in the village were destroyed. 

The Gurkha community in Kent organised an emergency appeal to raise money to rebuild the school. Migrant Help staff, at the time running a Gurkha Settlement Project in Kent, helped with fundraising efforts. The team organised fundraising events to aid the appeal and Migrant Help’s trading subsidiary, Clear Voice, donated £5,000 towards the cause. 

Recently, a member of Migrant Help staff visited the school which has been rebuilt using the money raised.Today the school has 534 students. Some of the buildings were retrofitted and made strong enough to support the existing structures. The classrooms, which were totally destroyed, have been completely rebuilt and are now bright, spacious and safe spaces. They have 12 desktop computers which are used by senior students in IT lessons. The school produces good results and it is popular with families in the surrounding villages. 

The school is currently dependent on charity and help from NGOs but it is hoped that the local education authority will start to fund the school soon.