Today the Migration Advisory Committee published a new report on EEA migration in the UK.

In July 2017, the Home Secretary commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to produce a report on the current and likely future patterns of EEA migration, and the impacts of that migration. The intention behind this research is to provide an evidence base and recommendations for the design of a future migration system.

Professor Alan Manning, the Chair of the MAC, summarised some of the recommendations made:

  • “If – and this is not a MAC recommendation – immigration is not to be part of the negotiations with the EU and the UK is deciding its future migration system in isolation, we recommend moving to a system in which all migration is managed with no preferential access to EU citizens.”
  • “We do not recommend that the public sector should receive special treatment in the migration system.”
  • “We believe the UK should focus on enabling higher-skilled migration coupled with a more restrictive policy on lower-skilled migration in the design of its post-Brexit system.”

Read the full report here: