"Migration has always been with us. Climate change, demographics, instability, growing inequalities, and aspirations for a better life, as well as unmet needs in labour markets, mean it is here to stay. The answer is effective international cooperation in managing migration to ensure that its benefits are most widely distributed, and that the human rights of all concerned are properly protected." UN Secretary-General António Guterres

Every year, we mark International Migrants Day on 18 December. In a world where 20 people are displaced every minute, we must not forget that there are millions of people who lost their homes to war, violence or natural disasters.

Migrant Help’s staff come from more than 50 different countries, and we see every day how this amazing diversity enriches our lives. It also benefits the people we support, as many of our advisers have first-hand experience of migration, asylum and even human trafficking.

We also see how strong and determined many vulnerable migrants are at turning their lives around, finding new homes and providing for their families. Helping them to do that has always been at the heart of Migrant Help’s work.

We believe that everyone can thrive in a society where communities welcome and support migrants.