Step 1: Go to:


Step 2: The below page will appear:


Step 3: Press ‘Start now’


Step 4: When the below page appears, select the document that you used for your Settlement Status application (this guide uses a passport as an example) and click ‘Continue’.



Step 5: The system will then request your document number. Enter it and press ‘Continue’



Step 6: Next, enter your date of birth and click ‘Continue’.


Step 7: In order to validate your identify, you will need to send a security code by text or email. Select how you would like to receive the code and click ‘Continue’.


Step 8: Wait for the email or text to come through detailing your security code, then insert in into the box provided and click ‘Continue’. If the code hasn’t arrived within 10 minutes, press ‘Resend code’ to try again.


Step 9: Your digital profile card will appear. This will detail your immigration status. Should you need to prove your status, click ‘Prove your status to someone.’


Step 10: Select the option which best describes why you are proving your immigration status and click ‘Continue’. For example, if your employer would like to check your right to work, you would select ‘work in the UK’.


Step 11: On the next page, click continue. Do not share screenshots of this page as it doesn’t proof your settlement status.


Step 12: You will then be given a share code, which you can share with the organisation to whom you need to prove your status. You could screen shot this, or just copy and paste the code into an email or text. Make sure to send it so that it can be used before the 30 day expiry.