Roger, our Team Manager of the Victims of Slavery Support Service in Northern Ireland, delivered training to third-year medical students from Queens University Belfast, with an emphasis on learning how to identify potential victims. 

The twenty students who took part in the training session chose a trafficking module as part of their studies with the aim of widening their knowledge and understanding of the broader issues affecting different communities.

We are delighted to be working proactively with those going into the medical profession, and sharing knowledge around how the medical profession can equip itself to identify potential victims.

Roger said, "my hope would be that these young medical professionals will in the future be more ‘tuned in’ to human trafficking when engaged with the public".

  • Would you like your staff or students to be aware of the signs of human trafficking? Email us to discuss training.
  • Read our 'spot the signs' guide to help you identify potential victims of human trafficking.