We have just finalised the latest update of our Asylum Advice booklets, a unique and comprehensive source of information about the asylum process in the UK. As well as bringing the information up-to-date with the latest government processes, in this update we have also added new sections and had the booklet translated into Kurdish Sorani, meaning the resource is now available in 16 languages.

We know that the asylum process can be difficult to understand and complex to navigate. That’s why we produce our Asylum Advice guide. The guide helps explain the different stages of the asylum process and gives those seeking asylum in the UK the knowledge to make informed decisions about their situation.

Asylum law and processes are constantly changing, meaning that our guide needs to be reviewed frequently and updated with the newest information. We have just finished a large revision of the booklets that brings the information in line with the latest asylum processes and guidance.

Alongside updating information about the asylum process, we have also added two new sections to the resource. The ‘specialist support and other information’ section gives guidance and information about support services for people facing discrimination or issues based on individual experiences or identities.  Likewise, a ‘Useful Contacts’ section has been added to the end of the booklet to signpost clients to other services that can be accessed for support in a variety of areas.

To make the guide easily accessible, we have translated it into 15 other languages most used by people seeking asylum in the UK.

You can view, download and print the guide in any of the 16 languages from our website.