If you are in Initial Accommodation, a hotel or contingency accommodation, ask your health team.

If you are in dispersal accommodation, you can find a dentist near to where you are staying by using one of these links:

England: NHS Dentist near me » Find an NHS Dentist taking new patients near you (dentalchoices.org)

Wales: NHS 111 Wales - Local Services Search

Scotland: Register with a Dentist | Scottish Dental

Northern Ireland: Find a Dentist (hscni.net)

If it is an emergency, use one of these contacts:

England: If you have a dentist, phone them. An answer message should tell you about who to ring in an emergency. If not, call 111 for NHS advice.

Glasgow: Phone the Emergency Dental Treatment Centre on 0141 232 6323 if it is on Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm. Outside of this time, phone 111 for NHS advice.

Wales: Details can be found via:  NHS 111 Wales - Local Services : Dentists - Information and Links

Northern Ireland Emergency Dentists: Out of Hours Emergency Dental Treatment - HSCB (hscni.net)