We are heartbroken by the news of the people who died seeking refuge on our shores. So many lives, dreams and aspirations lost in one tragic incident, so many families left devasted.

While people smugglers cruelly exploit the desperation of people trying to reach safety, we need to ensure that we make ours a society that welcomes those who are fleeing conflict or persecution. We urge the government to look for a humane solution to this situation. One that is not based on more beach patrols and repressive measures, but one that enables people escaping danger to seek protection in a safe way. No one embarks on this treacherous journey, putting their lives at risk, unless they feel they have no other choice.

Please make your voices heard and tell our government to act to protect people seeking asylum from those who persecute them and those who seek exploit them. Let us be the humane and caring nation we wish to be.


“No one puts their children in a boat, unless the water is safer than the land." Warsan Shire