I’m Sherko Abdulgani and I live in Derby,

I am originally from Iran. However, being a Christian, I had to leave in 2015; the Iran government is Islamic and do not accept different religions. By being Christian I risked being killed.

I came to the UK seeking safety and freedom. English people are very welcoming, friendly and helpful to refugees. I have felt respected and supported in getting the food and money I needed, and now have many friends of all different nationalities. On my first day in the UK, a police officer told me, ‘Don’t be scared, everything will be okay. Life is sometimes hard, but we will keep you safe.’ Those words changed my life; I decided to spend my life to help people, just as that officer did.

Since then I have been supported and assisted by various different services to build my life here. My interest in volunteering to offer my support and assistance to others in the same way was intensified.

I began studying and volunteering in various different role in order to use my skills to help others, including:

  • I have been a computer technician at SmileTelecom for 3 years now, helping refugees, asylum seekers and army veterans with their devices.
  • I was a Warehousing volunteer at Derby Refugees Solidarity.
  • I have also been a Graphic Designer at IM SAVVY, creating leaflets, posters and flyers for different events.
  • I have acted as an ICT tutor at in JEM Centre, assisting refugees in learning computer basics.
  • I’m also proud to be a blood donor with Organ Donor.

I enjoy volunteering because I am a naturally friendly person and I’m really interested in helping all people regardless of their nationality, beliefs or religion. I have some skills that I want to share with others, and I am dedicated to making people happy, helping them to get out of pain and making their lives easier.

Since arriving I have studied for 12 different certificates, and after months of working and studying very hard, I was able to get paid work, including as a Graphic Designer at Derby Refugees Solidarity. Next, I plan to start studying for my TWI Diploma in Coded Welding as well as GCSE English and Maths.

I will never stop growing and building myself up to make a bright and brilliant future!