Migrant Help has offered us full support over the last year. They supported us in registering with the schools and the GP. They also helped me with my hospital and dental appointments. They assisted me and my wife with accessing the ESOL classes and facilitated registration with the Job Centre.

Upon arrival at the airport, we found Migrant Help staff waiting for us. They greeted us warmly and offered us chocolate, fruits, juice and water. They accompanied us all the way from the airport to our new home. We were very happy with the house. It was fully catered and furnished, to make it home for us.

From week one, Migrant Help staff took us on a tour to visit the shops and to get to know the local area. They were with us every step. The neighbours and the community also showed us all respect, love and offered us help. Many thanks to all of them.

Everything was made easy. Within one month of our arrival, all services were accessible, ready and available for us. The medical services were good. The schools were great and teaching was excellent. My children began to speak English. My children are treated with love, care and respect in their schools.

We didn’t face any challenges at all. Migrant Help has offered us all the support we needed with due care and respect. We are so grateful for their help and wish them all the best. We hope that coming years will be as good as this one. You all were the reason behind our happiness.

We wholeheartedly thank the UK government and the British people for their help and for hosting us in their country.

Mahmoud and Family