Here at Migrant Help we love working with Shout out for Sport, and were lucky enough to be able to interview them recently to dig a little deeper into the work they do! Read on to find out more about how this amazing organisation uses sport to encourage social cohesion and reduce community isolation…


What is Shout out for Sport? 

Shout out for Sport is a project which brings people together, using sport as a tool for social change.

We seek to create opportunities to gain essential life skills - such as teamwork, confidence, resilience, communication and determination - and has a positive impact on both physical and mental wellbeing. The project also aims to increase the essential life skills of participants, reduce their isolation and help them to build relationships in their local community. Reducing negative societal feelings in this way makes participants feel safer and more secure within their community.

Local volunteers are recruited to help with organise events, support the teams and aid in communication and interaction between local communities.

Why was Shout of for Sport started?

The project was started to address the issues of integration and isolation of refugees and asylum seekers in Derby City.

Derby City has 2 refugees drop offs, one in Normaton and one in Stockbrook. Both of these wards fall in the 10% most deprived wards of the city. The service users based at these two sites receive very little opportunity within the city to thrive, and we wanted to fill that gap. We seek to improve the lives of Migrant’s by supporting their transition into British culture, with a focus on creating strong links with the community and improving their social skills. This then acts as a pathway into potential employment.

We believe this needs to be a ‘two-way street’, so we also educate local people about the problems faced by refugees and asylum seekers to promote understanding and empathy.

How do you work with Migrant help?

We work together as part of Sporting Communities, jointly looking to encourage social cohesion in the inner wards of Derby. We emphasise the benefits of social cohesion by using sport as a tool to engage with migrants – sport makes for a vibrant and interactive way to promote our values! We feel that using sport in this way, as a vehicle for universal language, it promotes enjoyment and the merging of cultures to the highest degree.

Why are Migrant Help clients some of your favourite to work with?

Migrant Help clients embrace how approach and deliver the work. It's a thoroughly enjoyable experience where all parties work together to deliver the outcomes! They also appreciate the support you give them and are grateful for the service.