[email protected] For new self-completed ASF1 applications only.
[email protected] For documents to support an application for S95 that Migrant Help is supporting with.
[email protected] To cancel an application for asylum support or request for support to be terminated
[email protected] Should be used for completed S4 applications, schedule 10 applications, supporting documents, support termination requests, further information responses and S4 booking forms relating to S4 applications.
[email protected]

For Change of Circumstance applications which include;

  • Add Dependent Adult and Minor,
  • Adjust Payment Hospitalisation,
  • Adjust Payment Over Payment,
  • Adjust Payment Back Payment,
  • Adjust Payment Applicant Working,
  • Destitution Payment,
  • Pregnancy Payment,
  • S96 Additional Support,
  • Supplementary Payment,
  • Request to Move Home Office to Home Office Accommodation,
  • Request to Move Home Office to Private Accommodation,
  • Request to Move Private Accommodation to Home Office Accommodation,
  • Request to Move Private to Private

As well as any supporting documents or further information relating to any of the above Change of Circumstances.

[email protected]

For third party consent forms.
[email protected] To request proof of support from the Home Office.
[email protected]

To request a copy of an asylum support decision letter from the home office.