Alongside numerous other companies, we have cosigned an open letter (attached) to the CEOs of the UK telecommunication companies to get a text sent to Ukrainian mobiles logging onto UK networks. Alongside this there is a shared website that the text message will signpost where all the resources Ukrainians will need can be easily accessed in their language – it has the support of the sector and is being funded The Freedom Fund. You can find that website here.

The text, which would be triggered on arrival in the UK, would contain essential safety information to help these vulnerable people avoid the very real threat of modern slavery and exploitation. 

Here is a letter we cosigned to the CEOs of mobile phone companies:

Dear [CEO in here]

We are writing to ask you to do a very simple thing that will help thousands of Ukrainian refugees avoid the very real threat of modern slavery and other forms of exploitation when they arrive in this country.

Please could [name of company here] provide a welcome text on your network that includes essential safety information, plus the help that is on offer should anyone need it. 

As you’ll know millions of Ukrainian people, mostly women and children, are fleeing the war in their homeland, with thousands of them coming to the UK. 

Many of them will have no connections here, few belongings with them, and possibly very little financial security. They are extremely vulnerable – and unfortunately, that means they are at risk of exploitation by criminals. 

The situation is urgent. Already there have been reports of trafficking of refugees in countries adjoining Ukraine. We want to make sure the UK does all it can to avoid such a situation happening here, so we are asking that you please act immediately.

A simple welcome text, in Ukrainian, Russian, and English, triggered the moment Ukrainians arrive in the UK and switch on their phones, could make all the difference. 

To speed things up, we have suggested some information you could include in the text below. 

Please let us know your response to our request by return.  

We look forward to hearing from you.


Welcome to the United Kingdom. Your safety is a priority. Please read this vital information.


As you leave the airport, port, or train station:

  • Don’t give your passport, mobile phone, or residence permit to anyone
  • Don’t leave children with anyone you don’t know
  • Don’t give money to anyone offering you work, accommodation or transport


If you are concerned for your safety in the UK, please call for free the UK police on 999 or the UK Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline on 08000 121 700


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The UK stands with Ukraine