If you require support with housing, you will need to approach the local housing options and/or homelessness team at the local council as soon as possible.

The local council housing options team may not be able to provide you with housing. Please ensure you update them when you receive your NTQ letter that shows your eviction. Private rented accommodation is an alternative to local council accommodation.

Find your local council

Local housing allowance rates

Your Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate is the maximum amount of housing benefit you can get, based on factors like your local area and your household size, when renting from a private landlord. To find out more about your LHA rate by postcode or Local Authority, filter by city and bedroom requirements on the links below:

More information on Local Housing Allowance can be found at Local Housing Allowance - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Private accommodation/landlords
(filter by city and bedroom requirements)

If you secure private accommodation you may be able eligible for a discretionary housing payment from the council, to support with rental deposits and your first months rent. Please find more information below, entering your postcode where required for the correct amount:

You can apply for a refugee integration loan to pay for:

  • A rent deposit or rent
  • Household items
  • Education and training for work

If you are claiming a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) benefit you may be eligible for support towards your housing costs. Once you are liable to pay your rent, please ensure you declare this to Universal Credit.

Refugee Integration Loan

Ensure you sign it then scan or photograph the completed form, along with supporting documents, and email them to the Home Office.

Make sure you provide your National Insurance number. You should also provide photocopies of:

  • Your biometric residence permit, immigration status document or passport
  • A bank statement, or letter confirming your bank details