Our good friend and colleague Neil Wildman sadly passed away in February 2020. Neil had worked at Migrant Help since 2002 and was one of our longest serving employees, and a valued member of our Finance team.

Neil was passionate about helping others and colleagues would often contact him about cases of client hardship, most often involving children. They knew that Neil would do all he could to help. Like much that he did, he did it quietly, with little fanfare, but a deep, abiding sense of fairness and justice.

We decided to honour Neil’s memory by setting up a fund specifically for cases of hardship involving children, and so the Neil Wildman Children’s Fund was created.

Children are a particularly vulnerable group of migrant and displaced populations. Those we meet through our services may have been affected by modern slavery or are awaiting a decision on an asylum claim. Many have been through suffering and hardship. We are determined to do all we can to bring a bit of happiness into their lives and by making a contribution you will be giving them a moment of joy and hope.

Through this appeal we are aiming to raise £56,000 to mark the 56 years of Neil’s life.

"Neil sadly passed away on 3rd February 2020 following a short illness. During his illness Neil showed us all great courage and bravery – and did not want his family and friends to dwell on the inevitable, but to enjoy the last and precious moments with him. This shows the strength and character of this truly remarkable man.

Neil was a compassionate man – he looked and found the good in everyone. He believed it was important to help others and support those who lost or had nothing. Neil could relate to people from all walks of life."

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