To help refugee families and their children, we need you.

Children like Jared need your help – please give a donation today.

Our Children’s Fund was set up to support refugee children and young people living in severe poverty in the UK.

Our Children’s Fund is a real lifeline for children like Jared and is the only way we can provide items that meet children’s most basic needs such as a bed to sleep in, a cooker to give them a hot meal, clothing and other items and services that are critical to children’s health and wellbeing.

But with more refugees being hit by both the cost-of-living crises and a hostile environment, more children need our urgent support.

Unaccompanied refugee children are at more than double the risk for violence, exploitation, and abuse. 

Jared escaped the horrors of war in Syria only to find himself facing new dangers as a child refugee.

Forced to travel alone, he escaped fighting, murder and forced recruitment only to fall victim to criminals that exploited him.

Sadly, Jared's story is just one example of the children we help every day. When he came to us, he was struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) and difficulty adjusting to his new environment.

With our help he began to receive the specialised care and support he urgently needed to heal.

But our team spotted that he was experiencing sever sleep disturbances which worsened his symptoms of PTSD. When we investigated, we found that the bed he was given was not fit for purpose.

Give every person they support they need to recover and thrive

Using our Children’s Fund we are able to help Jared with a comfortable new mattress. This small act has played a significant role in the progress of his recovery. His sleep has improved which has helped reduced the symptoms of his PTSD. He is better able to take part in English classes, socialise and make new friends.

We need your help to keep going

Our ‘Children’s fund’ is unique and a lifeline for children who have nowhere else to turn but we can only keep it going with support from people like you. We urgently need to raise £2,000.

This fund was set up in February 2020 in memory of a much-loved colleague, Neil Wildman. Neil was a compassionate man – he looked and found the good in everyone. He believed it was important to help others and support those who lost or had nothing. 

Read Neil's partner's tribute.