When vulnerable people come to Migrant Help for support with nothing but the clothes they are wearing, your donation will help provide essential items of warm, clean, clothing and shoes. This could mean their first feeling of safety in many months.

Donating to our charity today, you give us the power to double your donation and directly help those seeking safety and refuge. 

We have created an innovate way of giving, through our partnership with the Clothing Collective charity, who have agreed to match-fund your donations.* So tonight, we have the opportunity to double the amount raised. Donations will be converted into vouchers which can be redeemed for essential items of clothing at hundreds of charity shops across the UK. 

This way, our frontline staff can give these gift vouchers to our clients, allowing them to buy clothes and essentials that they so desperately need, whilst allowing them the dignity of making their own personal choices.

 This way to support provides:

  • A way for vulnerable people in need to get free essentials clothing items of their choice
  • Simple, redeemable vouchers for clothing at hundreds of UK charity shops
  • A chance to rebuild and restore dignity among resettled and persecuted people
  • The recycling and recirculation of kindly donated preworn or preowned clothing
  • An innovative, sustainable and unique way to help
  • Hugely valuable contributions to a wide range of other charities

It’s a triple whammy - your donation will not only help our direct clients, but also contributes to the Clothing Collective Charity and to the charity shops on the high streets. 

To find out more, or to explore how you or your company can get involved, please contact: [email protected].

*match funding applies to the first £3,000 raised tonight