Advice and guidance to asylum seekers

Providing confidential and impartial advice and guidance

Migrant Help is the leading charity in the UK providing independent advice and guidance to asylum seekers across the UK. We believe everyone deserves to feel safe and have their human rights protected.

Circumstances force many vulnerable people to flee their country in search of safety. We work to ensure that those who arrive in the UK receive the support and advice they need. Asylum seekers are often amongst the most vulnerable in our society. Our Asylum Help services offer information and guidance to help those seeking protection to navigate through the asylum process.

What can Asylum Help offer?

Asylum Advice UK
Our Asylum Advice UK service offers information and advice about the asylum process in the UK. Our Asylum Advice UK teams, located across the UK can advise on issues such as:

  • How to claim asylum
  • Financial support
  • Finding legal representation
  • The asylum process
  • Accessing health care
  • Accommodation support
  • Any other asylum issues

Call us for free on 0808 8000 630.

Asylum Support Application (UK)
Our Asylum Support Application (UK) teams can provide you with help to complete your application form for support (financial and/or accommodation). Our teams can assist with:

  • Completing an application for support for current asylum applicants (section95)
  • Completing an application for support for fully refused asylum applicants (section 4)
  • Notifying the Home Office of a change of circumstance

Call us for free on 0808 8000 631.

Our asylum help website offers multi-lingual information on the UK asylum process and support entitlements.