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26-27 April 2016

At Migrant Help we have over 50 years of knowledge and experience of giving advice and support to vulnerable migrants in the UK.

  • What we do

    We help vulnerable migrants across the UK feel protected, safe, informed and supported so that they are able to move forward with their lives. Find out more about our services.

  • What we believe

    Our vision is for a global society that protects vulnerable migrants, treats them with respect and enables them to become successful members of their communities.

  • Where we work

    Migrant Help offers a range of services across the UK. To find a service near you search our interactive map.

  • Who we are

    Over the past 50 years, Migrant Help has developed services and projects based on our core belief of listening, understanding and supporting individual vulnerable migrants. Find out more about our leadership team, staff and volunteers.

Get involved

Your support can help transform the lives of vulnerable people who have fled persecution, escaped from slavery or found themselves in a situation that they do not understand. There are lots of ways you can make a difference including volunteering, making a donation or fundraising. Find out how you can get involved.

  • Volunteer

    At Migrant Help volunteers are a crucial part of our organisation. Join our friendly group and make a difference.

  • Trusts and foundations

    Many of our projects would not be possible without the support of trusts and foundations. They make a tremendous difference to what we can achieve.

  • Corporate support

    We recognise the important role that the private sector can play in positive social development and tackling exploitation. You can help us by donating to a project or event or by giving in kind support.

  • Give monthly

    Your regular donation can help rebuild the lives of families who have fled persecution; give hope to those imprisoned in slavery; and give re-assurance to those who find themselves in a situation that they do not understand.

Latest news

  • Annual Report 2015 published

    05 February 2016

    You can read or download our Annual Report here.

    The Report gives an overview of our services and projects, detailing our work and achievements during the past year. It also gives a preview of our plans for this year.

    ...Read more

  • Women and modern slavery

    31 December 2015

    A female victim of slavery, who now works for Migrant Help, will be talking about her ordeal during a debate on Women and Modern Slavery on 14 January. Methodia Mathias will tell her story at the first of the 2016 series of debates organised by Women in Public Policy at the House of Lords. The...Read more

  • Caseworker praised for saving lives of teenage mother-to-be and baby

    30 December 2015

    A Migrant Help adviser is being praised for saving the lives of a teenage mother and her newborn baby after finding the pregnant woman sitting in a pool of blood. The vulnerable woman, an Eastern European victim of trafficking living in south-east Kent, doesn’t speak English and became very scared when she started bleeding. She...Read more

  • International Migrants Day

    18 December 2015

    This year will be remembered for the suffering of millions of displaced people being brought to attention of the whole world. We have all been saddened and shocked by the number of deaths that occurred during the perilous journeys undertaken by refugees desperate to get to safety. But we have also witnessed unprecedented solidarity and...Read more

  • Migrant Help on ITV News

    14 December 2015

    Migrant Help’s initiative aiming to help migrant children to integrate through sport has been featured on ITV News. To watch the video please click here.   ...Read more

  • Cristian’s Story:
    Two years ago I had nothing. No food and nowhere to live. I’d managed to shower maybe twice a year. Now, thanks to Migrant Help, I have safe accommodation, new clothes and they have helped me see doctors for my health problems. Most of all, they have listened to me. I’m so thankful for everything they’ve done. They’re like a family to me now.
  • Stefan’s Story:
    Many nights my children would go to bed hungry. My wife Tasaria and I gave them whatever food we had, but it was rarely enough. Their clothes were worn through. But with no money, I’m ashamed to say I’d even looked in rubbish bins for clothes other families had thrown out.