Specialist support for Victims of Human Trafficking

We provide practical care and support directly to survivors of modern day slavery across the UK. We believe that every life is significant and has purpose. We recognise that all our beneficiaries’ lives carry great significance, no matter what their past. Through our restorative work, we help survivors of slavery rebuild their lives, recover their dignity and live life to the full.

Why we do what we do

Modern day slavery is the fight of our generation. Men, women, children, brothers, husbands, sons, sisters, daughters and mothers – people. We are not talking about numbers and ideas, we are talking about people who are abused and exploited by other people for the purpose of making money.

These people are no different to us. They have dreams of becoming someone significant, having a job or a career in which they will provide for themselves, their communities and their families. Traffickers prey on this intrinsic human desire for significance and will trick people into trusting them in order to put their victim into a helpless situation.

These are people who are tricked into working in a job they did not want to do, their human rights exploited. They are often found working and living in slave-like conditions and trapped in a world of fear and violence where threats of reprisals against them and their families are common. Victims of slavery who once held a dream of significance often descend into a world of mere survival.

The criminals continue to get richer off the blood, sweat and silent tears of these people.

What we do

Migrant Help’s Victim Support Service helps survivors of slavery on the road to well-being. We believe in recovery, progression and the rediscovery of dreams and self belief. Our staff are committed to ensuring survivors – both male and female – are provided with a safe and supportive environment, a place of recovery where victims are supported to process their past, rebuild their confidence, develop skills and gain control over their lives again.

We work with adult male and female survivors (and their dependents) of all forms of modern day slavery; labour exploitation, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, forced criminality and other forms of human trafficking.

We help survivors access the services they need in order to progress on the recovery journey. We provide:

  • Safe, secure accommodation and material assistance (including clothing, meals and other basic necessities)
  • Emergency medical treatment and access to other healthcare (including dentists and opticians)
  • Access to substance misuse support, psychological support and mental health services, legal aid, advice, Asylum Help, English lessons, art therapy, sports initiatives and assistance services
  • Assistance in family reunification / mediation or simple contact with family and friends
  • Assistance in seeking employment and permanent accommodation if permitted to reside in the UK