What we do

Migrant Help is one of the leading providers of specialist support and accommodation services for adult victims (and their dependants) of human trafficking and modern slavery in the UK. We have dedicated casework teams assisting victims in Scotland, Northern Ireland and England.

Our approach to victim support is centred on their individual needs. We develop a support plan which provides all-around care with the aim of empowering our clients as they recover from the trauma they endured. Ultimately, our main priorities are reducing the risk of re-trafficking and helping our clients gain confidence to move forward to a new and positive chapter in their lives.

We are committed to helping victims feel safe, informed, supported and able to gain control over their lives again.

Our advice and support work includes (but is not limited to):

  • providing safe accommodation
  • facilitating access to health services and counselling
  • emotional wellbeing
  • providing financial and practical assistance
  • assistance with accessing compensation
  • liaising with law enforcement
  • re-connecting with family
  • assistance with acquiring new identification documents
  • integration into the community or a safe and supported repatriation if requested

"Two years ago I had nothing. No food and nowhere to live. I’d managed to shower maybe twice a year. Now, thanks to Migrant Help, I have safe accommodation, new clothes and they have helped me see doctors for my health problems. Most of all, they have listened to me. I’m so thankful for everything they’ve done. They’re like a family to me now." - Cristian

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