Migrant Help has recently been awarded the AIRE (Advice, Issue Reporting and Eligibility) contract to support asylum seekers in the UK. This contract will enable us to expand our existing work in assisting people seeking asylum in the country to navigate the asylum process.

The new service will be rolled out over the next few months and will be fully operational by the end of August.

Issue Reporting is a new aspect of the new service, which will be implemented from 1 May and cover the following areas.

  • Maintenance issues – to report problems with asylum accommodation. Migrant Help will liaise with the accommodation provider to address these.
  • Request for assistance – if there is a risk to the service user or their family’s health and wellbeing. This can be to report suspected child neglect, domestic violence, sexual harassment or exploitation, anti-social behaviour, destitution or homelessness, or suspected extremism or radicalisation (not an inclusive list).
  • Asylum payment issues – in case payment card is lost or stolen, PIN forgotten, incorrect payment received, or no payment received. Migrant Help will liaise with the payment provider on the client’s behalf.
  • Complaints – for complaints regarding services provided by Migrant Help, the accommodation providers, the asylum support payments provider or the Home Office.
  • Feedback – to continuously improve the support available throughout the asylum claim journey. To tell us about the client’s experience of services delivered by Migrant Help, the accommodation providers, the asylum support payments provider or the Home Office. We will pass the comments onto the appropriate organisation.

At the same time, we are implementing our enhanced Outreach provision. In the early stages, outreach services will be delivered by Migrant Help advisers. However, we will gradually introduce our expanded face to face provision through the use of delivery partners, a commissioning network and specialist organisations. This wider network will bring specialist support, flexibility to manage demand and greater geographic reach.

Our face to face service enables us to assist vulnerable clients with needs that cannot be met via our First Response Centre and Advice Line. It allows the service to reach those who, otherwise, may not be able to access the support they require. We consult with our clients and the accommodation providers to ensure the location of the appointment and support provided fits their needs. 

These new services will be initially available to a limited number of clients, who will be given all the details needed to access it. Together with Issue Reporting, they will be able to access all other aspects of our asylum services (advice and guidance, asylum support, change of circumstances) through our new First Response Centre.

On 8 July, our new Move On Advice services are going live in some regions. These will provide advice and guidance to asylum seekers once a decision is made on their claim, whether it is positive or negative. You can read more information about how we will deliver these services below.

Positive Move On

Negative Move On

We will be publishing further details of the new service implementation in due time.

Feedback – comments, feedback and complaints

We are committed to providing high quality services and always look for ways how to be better for our clients.

If you have any comments or suggestions as to how we can improve our new asylum services, or would like to tell us about something we did well, please complete this form.

If you would like to submit a formal complaint, please complete this form or download a printable form. You can read our complaints procedure here.

We will respond to your complaint within seven working days. Alternatively, if the issue is complicated, we will write and let you know when you can expect a conclusion.

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