Our management team makes sure that all our services run smoothly and staff are supported in their work. 

C A O’Connor – Chief Executive Officer

Caroline joined Migrant Help in March 2017 as the Chief Operating Officer and became the CEO in January 2020. Her focus, integrity and commitment ensure that Migrant Help is able to do the most good it can for our clients. 

Her background is in finance and operations, her last position before joining Migrant Help was Finance and Operations Director for a children’s hospice in London. She studied economics and law, later moving to finance and accountancy.

Mirjam Bons – Quality Manager

Mirjam joined Migrant Help in 2019, she is the Quality Manager, responsible for ensuring a consistent quality of service to our clients across the country.

Before joining Migrant Help, Mirjam worked in the Quality and Commercial departments for a public transport provider.

Helen Bransfield – Director of Asylum Services

Helen joined Migrant Help in December 2014. When she first joined she was responsible for the Telephone Advice Line but gradually her role widened to include our Compliance Team and Syrian Resettlement scheme in areas of Essex and Kent. In 2019, Helen became our Director of Asylum Services.

Before joining Migrant Help, Helen worked in various operational and organisational roles.

Freshmind Chauke – Regional Operations Manager North West

Freshmind joined us in April 2014. He is the Regional Operations Manager for North West, responsible for our asylum services for the region.

Victoria Chitsiga – Regional Operations Manager Wales

Victoria joined Migrant Help in April 2014. She leads the asylum services team in Wales and works closely with our partners in the region to deliver effective support to asylum seekers.

Before Migrant Help Victoria worked for the Welsh Refugee Council as an adviser and Volunteering and Partnerships Manager.

Phil Dailly – Development and Partnerships Director

Phil joined Migrant Help in April 2014 as National Operations Manager following TUPE from British Refugee Council. Phil has over 11 years’ worth of experience working within the Asylum, Refugee and Migrant sectors where he has managed services nationally and regionally including CAGs, CASAS, Refugee Integration and Employment Service (RIES), Victims of Slavery Support & Anti-Trafficking, Foreign National Prisoners and many others.

In his current role of Development and Partnerships Director, Phil is responsible for the growth and continuous improvement of services and establishing, building and maintaining highly effective partnerships across the UK.

Tom Daly – National Community Liaison Manager

Tom joined Migrant Help in April 2014. In his role, Tom heads Migrant Help’s community and stakeholder engagement across the country. He leads a team of Community Liaison Coordinators who support our service delivery and operational development by forging relationships and referral partnerships in their respective regions, as well as raise awareness of migration issues through talks and presentations.

Previously, Tom worked for Refugee Council, Eastern Region, as a Service Manager and Operations Manager since the beginning of the NASS support system in 2000.

Anna Di Mascio – Regional Operations Manager London and South East

Anna joined Migrant Help in 2018. She is the Regional Operations Manager for London and South East, responsible for our asylum services for the city and surrounding areas of the South East.

Anna has worked in the charity sector since 2002 and has held a range of roles working with vulnerable people. In Romania, Anna worked with homeless street children at risk of trafficking and child sexual exploitation. In the UK, her previous experience includes work in the mental health and learning disabilities sectors before moving on to managing child sexual exploitation and anti-trafficking services for children and young people. Before joining Migrant Help, Anna worked with independent domestic violence and abuse services as the advocacy services manager.

Jemal Dragoshi – Regional Operations Manager West Midlands

Jemal joined Migrant Help in 2014. He is the Regional Operations Manager for West Midlands, responsible for overseeing the delivery of asylum services in this region as well as leading and managing a very experienced team based in Birmingham.

Jemal has worked in the charity sector since 1999 with different organisations in various roles. Prior to joining Migrant Help, he worked with British Refugee Council as a volunteer coordinator.

Marsela Hoxha – Head of Service Commissioning and Contracts

Marsela joined us in April 2014. She is the Head of Service Commissioning and Contracts, responsible for managing the supply chain of our subcontractors and other partner agencies.

Before joining Migrant Help, Marsela worked for Refugee Council.

Sara Hutchinson – Development Manager

Sara joined Migrant Help in March 2018 as Development Manager. Her role focuses on new opportunities, partnership and collaboration, research and income generation.

Prior to joining Migrant Help, Sara held several roles across the charity and education sector in community development, youth work, ESOL, fundraising, volunteer management and managing services. Sara’s areas of work have focussed on refugees and asylum seekers, immigration detainees, people with mental health issues, community hub management, and social housing and employment.

Sam Lakesmith – Regional Operations Manager – Modern Slavery and VPRS

Sam joined us in May 2011 and is the Regional Operations Manager – Modern Slavery and Refugee Resettlement. She manages teams supporting survivors and modern slavery, as well as assisting newly resettled refugees. 

After finishing her degree in European Studies, she worked for Children’s Social Services before joining Migrant Help.

Joyce Macleod – Talent and Development Manager

Joyce joined Migrant Help in 2015. She is the Talent and Development Manager and works closely with the Management team ensuring development needs for all staff are effectively addressed.

Prior to joining Migrant Help, Joyce worked as a Learning and Development Manager within a manufacturing environment.


Roger McVicker – Victims of Slavery Support Services Team Leader Northern Ireland, Human Trafficking Training Lead

Roger joined Migrant Help at the end of 2010. He leads our team supporting victims of slavery and human trafficking in Northern Ireland. Roger also heads our training team, delivering awareness raising training on human trafficking across the country.

Before joining us, Roger served as a Police officer.

Jitka Minxova – Head of Communications

Jitka leads Migrant Help’s communications team responsible for the charity’s internal and external communications. She first joined the organisation in 2010, starting as a Community Liaison Officer before moving into communications.

Before joining Migrant Help, Jitka worked as an event manager in the hospitality sector.

Priscille Mulhearn – Regional Manager Scotland and Northern Ireland

Priscille joined Migrant Help in April 2014. She is the Regional Manager for Scotland and Northern Ireland. She oversees the Asylum Services contract and grant delivery in the 2 regions, supporting an experienced and enthusiastic group of staff in Glasgow and Belfast.

Originally from the French speaking part of Cameroon, she studied Public & International Law and Completed her MBA in Glasgow Caledonian Business School in 2007. She has a deep interest on Human rights issues and passionate about helping the disadvantaged. Prior to joining Migrant Help, Priscille worked with Scottish Refugee Council and has 14 years’ experience in the advice field in various capacities.


Primrose Muparutsa – Outreach and Engagement Manager

Primrose joined Migrant Help in 2014 as a Community Liaison Coordinator. Currently, she is the Outreach and Engagement Manager for the European Union Settlement Scheme service.

Prior to joining Migrant Help, Primrose worked as a Volunteer Coordinator with Refugee Action. She has a passion for working with and empowering vulnerable groups of society. Primrose has also worked in humanitarian response projects with the UN World Food Programme in Zimbabwe and other charity organisations that include Plan International.

Aime Claude Ndongozi – Regional Operations Manager North East

Aime joined Migrant Help in April 2014. He is the Regional Operations Manager for Yorkshire, Humber and the North East. He oversees the Asylum Help contract and grant delivery in the region, supporting an experienced group of staff in Wakefield, Middlesbrough and Newcastle.

He was born in Rwanda and landed in the UK in summer of 2000 as an asylum seeker. He studied philosophy, politics and refugee studies and is passionate about human dignity, justice, free movement and solidarity.

Tariro Nhari – Regional Operations Manager East Midlands

Tariro joined Migrant Help in 2018 when the new Derby office was opened. She is the Regional Manager for East Midlands, responsible for overseeing the delivery of asylum services within the region and leading a dedicated team of staff in Derby.

Tariro has worked in the charity sector since 2010 and has held various roles, both client facing and managerial, supporting people with various vulnerabilities. Tariro is passionate about supporting and empowering vulnerable individuals.

Prior to joining Migrant Help, Tariro worked with British Red Cross in the Refugee Support Team.

Joanna Radkowska – Victims of Slavery Support Services Team Manager Scotland

Joanna joined Migrant Help in November 2012. She leads a team of advisers who support victims of human trafficking in Scotland, both in safe accommodation and on outreach basis. She also assists with service development and complex case management.

Before coming to Migrant Help, Joanna studied psychology and worked as a support worker within the care sector.

Rabiya Ravat – Deputy Director of National Operations (Victims of Slavery Support Services)

Rabiya joined Migrant Help in 2018. She is the Deputy Director of National Operations, responsible for the management and development of Migrant Help’s Victims of Slavery Support Services.

Before joining Migrant Help, Rabiya spent many years setting up and managing the Victim Support Contract across England and Wales and working with subcontracted partners to deliver support services to victims of modern slavery.

Aaron Read – Head of IT

Aaron joined Migrant Help in April 2018. He manages all of the organisation's IT systems, ensuring we can support our clients and provide an excellent service.

Before joining Migrant Help, Aaron worked for several years in the Financial and Gaming sector.

Deborah Rowan – Head of Knowledge and Compliance

Deborah Rowan is the Head of Knowledge and Compliance. She joined Migrant Help in back in 2001. Deborah has experience working across most areas of the charity. 

Steve Sellen – Head of Facilities and OHS

Steve joined Migrant Help in 2002. He has held several roles since joining us and is currently responsible for building services and maintenance across the organisation's estate. Steve is also responsible for the oversight and provision of health and safety advice to senior and operational management. 

Tesfay Waldemichael – Head of Regional Services

Tesfay joined Migrant Help in April 2014. As Head of Regional Services, Tesfay manages a team of Regional Managers who he works with to maintain and develop the quality of services we provide to our clients and alongside our partners. Tesfay will be working in collaboration with the third sector, statutory and governmental organisations within regions to enhanced services provided to asylum seekers and Refugees. He will undertake essential networking and capacity building with a particular value placed on partnership working.

Tesfay has been working with refugees and asylum seekers both in UK and overseas for more than 20 years. He was with Scottish Refugee Council for 14 years before joining Migrant Help.

Melvin Witt – Financial Controller

Melvin joined Migrant Help in August 2017. His role is to ensure that the funds Migrant Help receives are used, controlled and reported appropriately, so they can further the charity’s aims.

After training in an accountancy practice, he specialised in working for organisations that hold charitable status, especially in education and in healthcare.