I think I must be a little mad to be doing this as someone who has never really run before, but…

In September, I am running 100 miles over the month (which is 3.3 miles/5.3 km each day 😳).

Still, if I’m going to ask for donations, it’s got to be something that’s challenging… so let’s do this!

The crisis in Afghanistan has shed light on, and brought all our attention to, the plight of people across the world who have been forced from their homes. While the current situation in Afghanistan has opened the eyes of many, people have been being forcibly displaced across the globe long before this crisis.

82.4 million people, in fact, are currently displaced across the globe - that’s a lot more than the entire population of the UK.

When people reach the UK to claim asylum, Migrant Help is there to support them!

As many of you will know, I am very proud to work for Migrant Help and I have always believed in helping people. Everyone deserves safety and a chance to thrive… and that’s why I’ve chosen to do this run for Migrant Help’s Children’s Fund, a fund that not only seeks to provide vulnerable refugee and asylum-seeking children with essential welfare items and fun items to bring a smile to their faces, but also commemorates a dearly-loved colleague who we sadly lost.

If you could spare a few pounds to sponsor me I would be really grateful - the money will all be going to a fabulous cause. Your pounds are powerful and can make all the difference to people’s lives.

If you’re not able to give but would like to support my efforts, please do share some of Migrant Help’s content - a client story or perhaps an educational blog - to add your voice to those of us supporting and advocating for refugees and asylum seekers across the world.

Thank you all, and wish me luck! 🤞🏃‍♀️🙈

Vicki Lyden