Have you claimed or are you intending to claim asylum in the UK? Migrant Help provides independent advice and guidance to assist asylum seekers in the UK move through and understand the asylum process.

Our teams are based across the country and offer face to face advice to asylum seekers in the initial accommodation sites, as well as outreach services to vulnerable clients.

We run an asylum helpline that is free and accessible to all asylum seekers in the UK. We can advise you in your language on issues such as:

  • How to claim asylum
  • Financial support                           
  • Finding legal representation                     
  • The asylum process               
  • Accessing healthcare                   
  • Accommodation support         
  • Any other asylum issues

We can also help you complete the application form for asylum support (financial and/or accommodation) and assist if you need to notify the Home Office of a change of circumstance.

Call us on 0808 8000 630 for advice and guidance or 0808 8000 631 for asylum support applications or email us on [email protected].

We provide dedicated lines for 14 languages. If your language is not listed, please use the numbers above and request the language you need.

We can signpost you to other helpful services in your area by telephone or in person, just talk to your adviser or call our helpline. 

Please note that we are able to give advice on rights and entitlements but we are not able to provide legal advice or legal representation. If we cannot help, we will provide you with a list of qualified legal representatives.

Migrant Help's asylum services are part funded by the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. Making management of migration flows more efficient across the European Union. Funding for this service is also provided by the Home Office.