Hong Kongers coming to the United Kingdom on a bespoke immigration route are being helped to settle successfully into life here through community projects being awarded over £2.6 million of government funding.

A total of 47 national and regional projects have been allocated the funding to offer a range of support, including educational resources, access to mental health services, and help for people to find jobs and start their own businesses.

These Hong Kongers and their families chose to keep their ties to the UK by taking up British National (Overseas) status and have moved to the UK under a new immigration route opened last year, which reflects the UK’s historic and moral commitment to British National (Overseas) status holders.

As one of the partners to deliver the Hong Kong Welcome Programme, our aim is to support the integration of up to 100 BN(O) status holders and their dependants across the UK by offering them tailored infrastructure support to ensure they feel welcomed and appropriately supported to fully contribute to life in the UK  economically and socially. This support will enable them to feel more settled in their new communities.  We aim to support through referrals and signposting to the most appropriate infrastructure support for their needs and providing casework support where necessary.

Our support offering is focused on employability, self-employment and business training to enable BN(O) status holders to contribute to life in the UK.  We have a dedicated team of three client advisers / case workers who can offer support across the country for up to / at least 100 BN(O) status holders.  By providing tailored information and guidance, BN(O) status holders are able to access their community networks, initiatives, activities and services to support their social integration in the community and enable them to take advantage of the opportunities available. 

Through the support, advice, guidance and signposting, the BN(O) status holders will:

  • Have received the support appropriate to their needs e.g., training and employment
  • Feel more confident in navigating the employment market in the UK
  • Feel part of the UK and their new communities, feeling safe, confident, and able to contribute to society