Your contribution can help rebuild the lives of families who have fled persecution and give hope to survivors of slavery.

When vulnerable families and individuals come to Migrant Help for support with nothing but the clothes they are wearing, the welfare fund provides emergency money to buy essential items such as warm clothing, shoes and toiletries. Being able to provide these items quickly is a crucial step in the recovery of people who have often come from perilous circumstances, malnourished and scared.

Your contribution could provide food parcels - typically containing rice, pasta and tinned vegetables - to survivors of slavery, helping to support them on their journey to rebuilding their confidence and independence.

Asylum seekers are often the most vulnerable in our society, for someone who is fleeing war, a simple winter coat could mean their first feeling of safety in months. A contribution of just a few pounds could buy someone destitute a SIM card with enough credit to allow them to make contact with their family. 

We also use this fund to support new mothers who have fled violence, providing them with essential baby items and paying for birth certificates for newborns.

Our welfare fund is the last resort when no other provision is in place to help. This fund can be accessed by our teams across the UK, meaning that your contribution could be helping vulnerable people in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

If you have any questions about fundraising or making a donation, please contact us at [email protected]