With your help, we can provide a safe space for participants who have fled war, persecution, torture and fear in their home countries to begin to process their experience through artistic activity and support an increase in their wellbeing.

Support us in crowdfunding for the delivery of therapeutic art activities to asylum seekers in Derby. We will create a ‘silent library’ which will feature artwork from participants, giving them an opportunity to narrate and display their journeys of migration. 

Your donations and fundraising efforts will enable the project to be delivered over 12 weeks with around 15 asylum seekers attending each session. Booklets will be produced to convey participants identities, and their hopes and dreams, which will then be preserved in our delivery partner Artcore’s library, accessed by over 10,000 people in 2017-2018.

An additional aim of this project is to encourage a greater understanding of the issues affecting asylum seekers. We hope that the artwork will support community cohesion within Derby's city community.

We welcome individual donations, but we are also happy to receive any ideas you have for community fundraising activities or events.

If you donate or fundraise for Derby's Silent Library project, what you can expect in return? (if you give us permission to email you):

  • An invitation to the public launch of the silent library
  • A case study detailing the impact your donation made on a new arrival
  • Regular updates on the work of Migrant Help.

The silent library is a partnership project with Artcore UK