International Migrants Day

posted : 18th December 2015

This year will be remembered for the suffering of millions of displaced people being brought to attention of the whole world. We have all been saddened and shocked by the number of deaths that occurred during the perilous journeys undertaken by refugees desperate to get to safety. But we have also witnessed unprecedented solidarity and acts of welcome from our communities.

We at Migrant Help have experienced the impact this year with a sharp increase in migrants requiring our services. As the national provider of advice and support to asylum seekers in the United Kingdom we have reached an unprecedented high in demand. Our advisers work day and night assisting our clients by providing them with basic requirements, offering comfort, respect and kindness.

To mark this year’s International Migrants Day, on 18 December, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) is inviting the international community to hold the first global Candlelight Vigil to commemorate the lives that have been lost or have disappeared while trying to reach safe harbour. Let us remember that each person has a name and a story that will not be forgotten by their families and should not be forgotten by us all.