World Refugee Day

posted : 20th June 2017

On the World Refugee Day, 20 June, we commemorate the strength, courage, and perseverance of more than 65million people who have been forced to flee war, persecution and violence.

Last year, 20 people were forced to leave their homes every minute. Children under the age of 18 constitute more than half of the world’s refugee population. Two million new asylum claims were made last year with Germany being the recipient of new individual applications with 722,400 claims.

But this day is also a chance to celebrate the contributions that refugees bring to their new communities, making all our lives richer as we live in a diverse, multi-cultural society.

This year, Refugee Week celebrates Our Shared Future, imagining a future without discrimination as we build our communities together.

Refugee Week is also an opportunity to reflect on the impact of the work charities like Migrant Help do to support and empower refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants. It’s one of the stepping stones on peoples’ way towards a better future, which they wish to build for themselves and their families.

Migrant Help will be celebrating Refugee Week across the UK at a variety of events alongside other partner organisations. These events not only raise the public awareness of refugee issues but also provide a welcome respite to the people we support, a time to relax and enjoy togetherness.   


I’ve met so many who have lost so much. But they never lose their dreams for their children or their desire to better our world. They ask for little in return – only our support in their time of greatest need

UN Secretary-General, António Guterres